Trip to China and Tibet
August 24 thru September 12, 2002

This was the first tour that we have been on and we were quite pleased with the services and the people we were with on this 19 day tour of China and Tibet.  We used General Tours/TBI Tours and we really appreciated the services that the tour managers provided to get us around China and Tibet.  We had 7 separate flights within China as well as a 3 day cruise down the Yangtze and a 1/2 day cruise on the Li river in Guilin.

Dolly Browder, one of the tour members, kept a log of the trip and it can be read by clicking  Here

The Forbidden City in Beijing, home of the Emperors of China and later to Mao Zedong. Note the hazy sky. This followed us all around China (except Tibet)

The Great Wall was a huge disappointment as we were fogged in that day.

The Terra Cotta Soldiers at Xi'an were magnificent

The Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet, where the Dalai Lamas lived

The view of the Valley at Lhasa showing the Himalaya's in the background and monks in the forground

We got to see Pandas at a preserve in Chengdu

The boat trip on the Li river in Guilin

The Three Gorges Dam nearing completion (in the ever-present haze)