30 Year Reunion of the Original Band Members
March 13, 2004

This story starts in March of 1974, when I answered an ad in the Chicago Tribune.  It said: "Working band, looking for Sax player".  I met John Reincke, who had just returned from college and was looking to put together a 50's and 60's Rock and Roll band, patterned after Sha Na Na.  John's specialty was Elvis and as the lead singer, with Harry Trocki on Guitar and vocals, Tom Sowinski on lead guitar, Ron Palla on bass, Ron Fitzgerald on drums, and me on Sax, the group was formed. 

After a few rehearsals, we were ready to play professionally.  Our first job was a Bar Mitzvah and it was a nightmare.  After a while, we started playing clubs in various Chicago neighborhoods and then the parties and dances came along.  They were the most fun.  We averaged around 5-8 jobs a month and were starting to get a reputation.  It was a strange life for me; an enforcement official for EPA fining steel mills in Gary, Indiana during the day and on weekends, putting on my leather jacket and playing in smoky clubs.  We had played together for three years, and in 1977, when my job took me to Philadelphia, I had to quit the band.  I never found anything in Philly and my music career came to an end (at least until now).

Through the Internet, John got in touch with me a few years ago and I was shocked to learn that Johnny had continued the band and had been playing steadily for all that time!  In January 0f 2004, John got the idea of a 30 year reunion and I jumped at the opportunity.

To learn more about the current Johnny Star and the Meteors, go to his web site at: www.johnnystarandthemeteors.com or by clicking on the picture immediately below:

This is the band in 1974 when John first got us together in Chicago.  I'm the one in the striped red and white shirt.

Here we are in March of 2004 at our 30 year reunion

Jammin' at our 30th year reunion.

Who is that guy?

It was a great night, and it shows on my face!