Tom's Trip to Oslo
June, 2004

On Memorial Day, I left to attend a Homeland Security conference in Oslo.  It was held at a hotel high on a hill overlooking Oslo harbor.  The hotel was a converted wooden sanitarium dating from the late 19th century.  This is a view from the front of the hotel.

Here is a view of the old section of the hotel at night.  It was called the Holmenkollen Park Rica hotel. It was site of the Oslo Accord meetings.

Since we were near the Arctic Circle, night came very late.  Here is a view of the downtown city hall at 10 minutes to 11 at night.

This is a spectacular view of Oslo castle after 11:00 PM with the moon rising over the harbor.

No visit to Norway would be complete without viewing some aspect of Viking culture.  Here is the Viking Boat Museum with a great example of an intact Viking boat.  Boats in this good shape were usually buried in the mud as a funeral coffin for famous leaders.